tyrannasaurus americanus

Muneer Ahmad is defending the Canadian boy Omar Khadr abducted in the US on a stopover and imprisoned at the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp.

If you have legal skills, help by reaching Ahmad at (202) 274-4389. Email: mahmad@wcl.american.edu.

See http://www.cageprisoners.com/pr_articles.php?aid=275 and http://www.ccrny.org/v2/legal/september_11th/docs/RasulOmarAhme%20KhadrSCAmicus.pdf.

Ahmad says the community of lawyers is growing around the US that is dedicated to working against the debauched federal government for abducting people, revoking due process and other aspects of the Constitution, and sending folks off to concentration camps. We need to fight this tyranny now.

Here are a few advocates with integrity (two sources in Minnesota):

Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights: 650 3rd Ave S, #550 Minneapolis, MN 55402-1940. Phone: (612) 341-3302. (See

Joe Margulies, Margulies & Richman, PLC. 2520 Park Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55404. 612.872.4900. fax: 612.872.4967 .
jmargulies@jmrrlaw.com. Margulies will be presenting at St. Thomas Law School on Monday, April 11, from 4-6 (see http://www2.mnbar.org/sections/criminal-law/04-11-05.pdf).

More opportunities to help restore democracy:


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