the republican electoral schtick

Are you out of work? Are you a jackass?
There’s a world of well-paying, high-status jobs for you, if you’ll just consent to be a conduit for the neocon party line.
How to show you’ve got the credentials?

Consider, the only democratic mechanism we have in the US is infrequent voting opportunities, in which system popular voting is strictly curtailed and funneled, via the mercentilist founding fathers’ design. So let’s look at what right wing folks have to do to control the masses, within a framework ideal for controlling the masses.

Worldwide, folks tend to vote on two dimensions: economic interests (based on labor market position) and cultural capital (education + cultural involvement) (Houtman 2003).

In the US, the two parties both represent capitalists’ economic interests. No one represents the working class. So in the democratic institution of voting, that leaves cultural capital as the decisive factor.

In a country like the US, where culture is commodified and there has been no real, significant-scale labor movement, the only major opportunities to acquire cultural capital are through the education system and the market-based culture industry. So more so than in many other countries, being from the working class means you are not likely to have cultural capital in the States.

Not having cultural capital makes people unfamiliar with cultural variation and unable to understand culture as such. They feel that things are the way they are, and that this is the best and only of all possible worlds, because the order is given by an incomprehensible power outside of human society. For authoritarian subjects, there is no culture. There is just The Way, and deviance (AKA evil). All authoritarians’ anger and energies are devoted to assailing deviance. The order is given through authorities, whom you know by their ability to control people.

So the Republicans’ gag is this: Control the population by convincing them to vote only along cultural lines, which for cultural capital-impoverished authoritarians isn’t even recognizable as cultural. They’re voting for the big Daddy-O in the sky, and they have completely forgotten that thing about their economic interests. But they do know that the deviants who need to be punished in authoritarian fashion are the nonbelievers, what we understand as the folks with cultural capital.

The Republican script for the masses is: The educated are the enemy class. (Ignore the capitalists.) It doesn’t matter if the Republicans in charge are educated at Ivy League Schools. The Republicans are the Daddies on Earth, and so like God their workings are also beyond comprehension. The mantra is to be repeated to the working class (which is never to be referred to as the working class): The educated are the exploiter class. Now, here “exploiter” doesn’t mean anything. But that’s the beauty of working with a population that can only recognize a narrow band of meaning. You can just slip all sorts of BS by them. It still makes sense to them if they think they’re fightin for the Big Daddy-O.

The Democrats are doomed and there is no way out. The US finally has to recognize that its strict two party system is down to one totalitarian party. The Republicans can single-handedly represent and coordinate the interests of the capitalist class, and provide thrilling, authoritarian show projects for the working folks.

The Dems were always the alternative capitalist party, and now they don’t even have a cohesive regional base like they did when they were the party of slavers. The Dems are going nowhere because they cannot become a party of the working class’ economic interests and help people to engage in politics on the basis of their vulnerable labor market position. The Dems are capitalists. All they can do is represent the interests of capital (which the Republicans do anyway) and those well-educated people who vote only on an anti-authoritarian cultural basis. And this is what they offer politically while inequality surges every day. It is a dying party.

Huzzah to the totalitarian, right-wing USA of today…and tomorrow.


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