First off, let me say that I don’t blame the South for anything in the U.S. The U.S. as far as I’m concerned is the South, with scattered, small, hopeless pockets of resistance.

I would say that the biggest mistake anybody made was struggling to force the South into the Union at that golden historical opportunity where the South could’ve just cleaved off; however, I know the point for northern capital was to keep the political economy of the whole imperial racial dictatorship together. The slave South was not an exception to American political economy, it just needed some tailoring. I’m just sorry that northern workers felt invested enough in that Manifest Destiny ideology to hurl themselves upon the bayonettes.

The North won the battle. Racial dictatorship transformed into…racial dictatorship. A very unobservant person might say that the North won the Civil War, but if you’ve checked out American society over the course of the last 100 years, you will probably notice that the slave society just got diffused and secularized, just as Weber claims the Protestant Ethic did. The South won. It won the hearts and minds of America, and we are an anti-democratic, authoritarian, patronage-based, theocratic patriarchy, complete with a Southern oil-based political-military dynasty.

There are resources here, but they’re sequstered behind metal and tanks. That’s what worshipping private property was all about all along. There is no hope here, except the frantic, desperate hope of a battered wife.

Other countries’ citizens might feel that they are not the assholes that Americans generally are, and that’s often true. But it’s only sad. Reflect on the rapacious legacy of Anglo capitalism, and consider: Who in the world encountered the relentless, venal, class-warfare onslaught of organized, belligerent capital as did U.S. workers, Native Americans, blacks, women? Had you been forced into fragments, and had your capital been as implacable as ours, you would be the same fat, ignorant, insensate jackasses we are, howling and clawing at each other in ressentiment, slaving away to douse the bright dreams of the Enlightenment and to build others’ personal stockpiles of accumulation, which deforms us as it crushes you. We’re monstrous and we’re pathetic. The U.S. is a slave society. We always have been, and we always will be.


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