From the mouths of neoliberal ghouls

Mark my words: The French will sorely regret Nicolas Sarkozy, who is the youngest French Prime Minister to date.

(Yes, the social democratic neoliberals are hopelessly hollow, facile, and disjointed, now that capital has been given unlimited powers to strike including via subsidized oil-based transportation; but at least the social democrats can be less thorough neoliberalizers. That’s absolutely better than the wreckless clarity and zeal of the neolib/neoconservative tanks. Especially when we recall what the actual project of neoliberalism is. It’s kind of important not to forget that the goal is ALL DESPOTIC POWER TO THE CAPITALISTS, with a little juice scattered around to the police thugs and dictators that help them out. While it’s no substitute for actually giving them hell and fighting for our children’s right to grow up free, I’d rather live in a semi-crappy Social Democratic Party-run Sweden than a crappy and monstrous Bushie-run USA. Look around here. Where it’s not lame, it’s cruel, wretched, and corrupt and getting worse and worse, to be honest about it.)

Sarkozy’s been on the neoliberal-neoconservative fast track, harvesting xenophobia/islamophobia to brew up a French taste for law and order, and with that handy populist tool, pushing through the capitalist class power-consolidation project that is neoliberalism. Oh, and he charms the pants off of effete, shallow, French libertarians.

He’s got an interesting quote, that is disingenuous in his case, but is designed for populist appeal. I thought the idea of ‘not having to wait’ evinces the attractive privilege of neoliberals in a neoliberal world:

“All my life, people have told me to wait, not to be in a hurry. As a child, I had to wait for permission to go; as a teenager, I had to wait to become an adult; the adult had to wait until the previous generations gave up their power. Then, one day, the same ones who told me it’s too early told me in the same peremptory tone, ‘It’s too late.’ I tell my children, ‘Never wait!'”
–Nicolas Sarkozy

Wouldn’t it be nice to be so perfectly in tune with the power movement of your time, that you were barely disciplined, and got to move through your life fairly unimpeded? Such allures of neoliberalism enthrall socialists. How heady it must be for an authoritarian politician.


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