army fascists

According to the head of the British Army, General Sir Richard Dannat, it is intolerable that British troops returning from Iraq to England are greeted by the public with indifference.

“We must move from being a society that uses the military as a political and media football and more towards seeing the military for what it is.” What the military is in Dannat’s view is “the instrument of foreign policy conducted by a democratically-elected government acting in the name of the people”.

Holy. Fucking. Shit. What la-la land is this guy in?

If the people fucking don’t like the war, though their fucking minimally-democratic government engages in war, then it stands to reason that the people will not be in love with the military. Indifference in that kind of context is extremely civil.

A “democratically-elected government acting in the name of the people” is a fucking legitimation construct, not an expression of the people’s will. What is Dannat asking for? Liberal representative democracy –dominated by Anglo-American capitalist interests–to be experienced as if it were direct democracy? Where does the insult and contempt end? Now everybody must rejoice and hug the police?

Goddamn, these fucking fascists really believe they’re doing us all a favor with their little oil-based worldwide kingdom of crap.

The reason why American soldiers receive such adulation in the US is because a tremendous percentage of the population–led by business firms–is happy with US imperialism. Because the US is a fascist country. Do you know how those people in the South think? Really. Really! Now take that and just spread it around the whole country, like it were, say, shit. And there you go: Garbage in, garbage out. In sum, garbage.

I fail to see why the Brits should kiss the hairy ass of old fascist Sir Dannat or his now-tough guys-now-sensitive-kittens cannon fodder.

I fail to see why the only working class people we should understand as human–both capable and in need of love and understanding–are soldiers. If it’s fuck equality, health, the environment and the welfare state for the rest of us, then throw your own parades and bake yourself your own cookies, jackasses.


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