Hey all you neo-Whigs

It’s all I can do to respect my time and not read the bazillions of furious neo-Whig eruptions over Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine.”

Woe the idols! What can the neo-Whigs say? The curtain’s been pulled back on one hell of a nasty Wizard of Oz. The pure, transcendent, and mathematically beautiful self-image of capitalist absolutism turns out to glaze over one ugly, mean, and very worldly political racket indeed.

Who would have guessed, I say as dryly as humanly possible.

The scrambling, the whining, the bitching! They haven’t yet worked out a way to salvage face after the assault on their narcissistic authoritarian identities.

The thing is, you dumb, vain jackasses, you don’t have to. Maybe you’ve taken a big hit in the neo-Whig sanctified realm of ideas, but the reason why you’ve signed up on the winning team is that your Great Leaders have all the money and the explosives. You are in it for the rush of righteousness. If the Great Leaders someday change, most of you will easily flip sides. What most of you want is to be on the winning team–that exhilarating feeling of deriative untouchability. Go ducks.

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