a society based on laws?

US legal precedence for indefinite detention, military tribunals, and torture is based on rulings from the 1940s:

Korematsu: The Court ruled that Americans of Japanese ethnicity can be imprisoned in interment camps.

Korematsu was based on:

Quinin: Which created the power of the executive to establish military tribunals.

The legal precedence for Quinin?
There was no legal precedence in US law.
So the Court based Quinin on the Divine Right of Henry III, King of England.

Thus, the legality of military tribunals in the U.S. is based on the Divine Right of Kings.
In other words, military tribunals are based on: lawless tyranny.

Beautiful. What do you get when you mix tyranny with inequality with massive wealth and power?
Get. Me. Out. of. Here.

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