they don’t call it the boorgeoisie for nothing

On September 25, 2007, comedian Louis Black expressed outrage that a couple of the millions of Americans without health care would try to sneak into the Vets hospitals to get a little socialized medicine.

Ha! Ha! Comedy.

I wanted to see Black’s act last year and I couldn’t. Because tickets cost $150 a pop. So it’s established La Black is completely out of touch with any reality outside of the investment banker class. I can’t wait to hear his rants about the maid who stole a glass of orange juice out of his fridge, or the homeless guy who tried to sleep in a dark corner of a church.

I saw the movie “12 Monkeys” again last night (I hadn’t seen it for years), and I realized that either Brad Pitt’s character was based on Louis Black’s schtick, or Louis Black’s schtick is based on Brad Pitt’s “12 Monkeys” character, Jeffrey Goines.


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