it’s the tree wot did it

In Gena, Alabama, the high school administration cut down a courtyard shade tree.
The tree’s crime?
Racist white kids used it as Whites-Only public space.

Elaine Scarry (if memory serves me) relates an interesting story of how the US army in Vietnam mutilated and destroyed a tree in retribution–not strategically, but in retribution–as well. Opposition soldiers had used it as a shield in an offensive.

One wonders why the school administration could not have established a rule that desegregated public space.
I suppose because the fascist US Supreme Court made such sensible options illegal.

So the conservatives have sent us more marching orders: It’s off to destroy the roots of biological and public life again!

O Great Men, you rule us with such blinding sagacity. No wonder your royal court comes up with these Social Darwinian and Neoclassical Econ theories. How else could we fathom your indisputable fitness to rule?


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