Capital Doesn’t Have to Pay Debt

Chris Floyd on the central bank bailout:

See at “Billionaire Bailout: Central Bank Socialism and America’s True Values”. The US, Britain, Switzerland, and Canada are providing $100 billion of taxpayer money (and in the regressive US, that’s poor people’s money) to private bankers in the housing speculation aftermath.

Go free fuckin market.

This blueblood brotherly luv is not in any way intended or expected to help people losing their homes.

Ah, I remember when I was taking a graduate course in economics from one of those sanctimonious apologists for capital, an economist, and as the perfumed and powdered Royal Retainer was airily dressing down a grad student whose mom worked for Y2K debt forgiveness, she went off on how excusing 3rd World debt would be the work of Satan. You can bet if you asked one of these game-theory-addled sycophants about bailing out banks, they’d come up with a whole different moral universe. Bread buttered THE EVIL side.


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