Resources on the US Terror War

Al Jezeera. News, world perspective.

Amnesty International. Human rights issues by country and issue; human rights programs; news.

Angry Arab News Service. News and analysis in blog format.

Chomsky.Info. Political analysis by Noam Chomsky, one of the US’s leading intellectuals. News analysis.

Congressional Quarterly. Information for US political leaders.

Democracy Now! News, analysis, and news correction.

The Dossier. Documentaries on the US’s Terror War.

Edward Said Archive. Archive of works (including political analysis) by the late leading American intellectual, Edward Said.

Empire Burlesque. News analysis and correction.

Documentaries (free). Includes free documentaries on war.

Glenn Greenwald. News analysis and correction.

Harpers. News analysis.

Human Rights Watch.

Information Clearinghouse. News.

J Street. Issues presented by progressive Jewish lobby in DC.

Lapham’s On-Air. Analysis radio.

Le Monde Diplomatique. News and analysis, world perspective.

Left Business Observer. Includes some war-related broadcasts.

National Security Archive. Access to a sampling of critical declassified records on issues including U.S. national security, foreign policy, diplomatic and military history, intelligence policy, and more.

New York Times. News and analysis.

John Pilger. News, analysis, documentaries.

Rightweb. Includes summary information on US pro-war groups.

Sourcewatch. News correction.

US Military Overseas Timeline.

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