Raping Bolivia

You can read, from an imperialist perspective, a little bit about how the US has not given up on pillaging Latin America. The US has been sponsoring elite Bolivians in the eastern natural gas-producing regions to fight to prevent Bolivia from using its natural gas to develop economically and socially. They claim that they want to hoard the wealth for themselves. But, in this way, the US can maintain control over the natural gas and dribble some payola down to its corrupt Bolivian proxies, while Bolivia itself rots. Same old, same depressing old.

Even the best possible outcome here entails the US getting more fascist refugees, to add to our happy multicultural family of antisocial right-wing nut bars. More awesomeness.

So currently diplomatic relations between Morales’ Bolivia (and in solidarity Venezuela) and the old, over-reaching US of A are not so good. 

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