American Exceptionalism: CRAZY in a bad way

The Problem with American Exceptionalism:

19% of Americans in 2000 believed themselves to be in the top richest 1%. Another 21% believed they would be in the top 1% in the next 10 years.

Harmless optimism?

No, it has disastrous decision-making consequences. Gore pointed out that Bush’s tax cuts would only go to the top 1%. Because they were so fantastically clueless, nearly 40% of Americans thought that 1% meant themselves. It certainly did not. Americans have supported tax cuts on the basis of their incapacity to reason realistically, thereby enabling the richest 1% to grab the tax cuts, further inflate the economic, political, and power distance between themselves and all the dumb suckers, and fuck everyone else with their self-interested policies.

But not everybody is frittering away democracy on Powerball fantasies of arriving. Some are choking democracy in actually hoarding all the social wealth. The really rich want to ensure that they individually have control over at least 7.5 million in personal wealth each.

Awesome. This has to be the dumbest country ever. Will somebody teach these people about class? Because their bosses fucking know all about it. Christ almighty.

Data from Zweig, Michael. 2007. More Unequal.


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