Emperor, Sans Clothes

Here is an article from the New York Times, January 2007, in which the newspaper backed a ridiculously narrow good old boys’ financial policy network, and celebrated the supposed competitive “necessity” of deregulation.

Here is an essential article, October 2008, in which NYTimes elites at least, at last express regrets about blind obedience to the dogma of inequality.

The 2008 article “The Reckoning” dissects the pitiful and disastrous legacy of the great conservative ideologue, Alan Greenspan.

What I think is essential is the point about overly-narrow networks of influence in the US, as on page 3 of the article, where we learn the cruel and stupid way that Brooksley Born was shunned and shamed for trying to save the economy. Americans should understand conservative elites for what they are: bullies all growed up.

One more thing. You’ll never see this in the media, but it needs to be said:

If more Americans disrupted institutions of inequality and helped build constructive American institutions, as Bill Ayers did (no matter how imperfectly), this country would be a lot better off than it is with its patently awful procession of nasty, brutish, and self-congratulatory feudal lords, backed by slavish armies of authoritarian enforcers.


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