B-Team, Sucking As Well: Part I

Thanks to the US’s crappy winner-take-all political system, we have 1.5 parties. Recently, the B-Team was put in charge of the Executive, despite the fact that the US has been successfully converted into a feudal cesspool.

Here is a short list of the shit that the Obama admin has done so far (March 2009) that reminds us of nothing more than the Bush regime:

1) Licked the hairy fat ass of the Likud West: Freeman blackballed from an intelligence post, see “The Freeman Affair” post below. Comment: That’s all right. The more they prevent intelligent people who speak some truth to work for US intelligence, the more lying yes-men they’ll give the jobs to, and the faster the US will implode, which seems to be the trend anyway.

2) The Obama Justice Department is scurrying to prevent torture victims of the Bush regime from seeking justice. What a relief: Tyranny continues unabated. No doubt Americans are really secure now. Especially the jackasses who run the country like it’s their own personal commode.

This list will lengthen. I just want to have a record of how naive I was at the beginning of the Obama administration.


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