EU REACH program

The EU is launching REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances), a program to regulate toxic chemicals.

I was originally informed that REACH will provide an on-line database of products and their toxic chemo content; but we will see. That’s a big undertaking.

Amy Goodman (Truthdig. February 24, 2009.) heralds REACH as a resource for citizens around the world to get around chemical industry misinformation and secrecy.

Because the chemical industry in the US has for so long been successful at avoiding public accountability, it and chemo-dependent products unregulated in the US will be at a competitive disadvantage to European products, because anyone will be able to check out the REACH chemo database on-line. Further, such information could potentially provide a lever for the public to make even the US chemo industry responsive to social and environmental needs, instead of merely the profit imperative.


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