Corrupt old Jane Harman, vehicle for AIPAC & illegal wiretapping & US decline

Filthy buggers in bed together: California Democrat Jane Harman, Alberto Gonzales, and AIPAC.

Read Greenwald’s report about this “deepest kind of corruption.”

Harman was the Bush Administration’s public point man on warrantless wiretapping, denouncing journalists for exposing Bush’s lawless wiretapping program. In return for her performance of this attack-dog task for the Bush Administration, Gonzales stepped in to stop the Justice Department’s investigation of Harman’s clandestine work on behalf of AIPAC. See Stein, Jeff. 2009. “Wiretap recorded Harman discussing aid for AIPAC defendents.” CQ Politics, April 19. AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) is the most powerful pro-Israel organization in Washington.

Harman is notable for her long involvement in intelligence issues as a US Representative, and her belligerent right-wing communication style. Harman is also a member of the new neocon organization, the blandly-named Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI).

Despite AIPAC’s political backing, however, Harman failed to secure posts on the House Intelligence Committee or in the Obama Administration. Some of her wiretapping chickens had apparently come home to roost.

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