20% of Even US Citizens Prefer Socialism

According to Harper’s (July 2009), 20% of US citizens think that “socialism is better than capitalism.”

This is 20% in a country where no more than 28% of people identify with one (the Republicans) of the 1.5 political flavors (Bubblegum and French Bubblegum, in case you were wondering).

Moreover, this is 20% in an immigration country where refugee immigrants have been scrupulously screened to select for anti-socialist loyalties for nearly 100 years, where the capitalist class is super politically-organized, where unions are legally engineered out of existence, and where multiple layers of police organizations diligently protect the capitalist class against the growth of socialist organization.

How does the US manage to breed socialists at home under such conditions?
Yes, right. Because thanks to capitalist inequality and the policy constraints imposed by maintaining ideological dogma among the leadership, it’s a disappointing, corrupt, disfiguring, fascist, misery-filled society in crisis.

Since VT does not contain anywhere near 20% of the US population, we also can safely assume there’s nearly 20% of the US population with no (0) political representation. I believe School House Rock once said, “That’s taxation without representation, and that’s not fair!” Chalk another one up for the Fightin’ Capitalist Class, which needs the victory because apparently its neoclassical one-trick pony economic development plan–immiserated population growth + gambling!–has played itself out. Say it aint so, von Mises!

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