Parents as Union Busters

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus. The New York Times runs an article about how the NYC Teachers’ Union has gotten the school system to bar the growing use of underpaid teachers’ aides in lieu of teachers in NYC. The New York Times reports on this like this: “From out of nowhere, class sizes are too big. Loving Parents in rich schools have simply been trying to address the mysterious overcrowding problem through resourcefully pooling cash to hire classroom aides. Yet the Evil Union is preventing the parents from loving their children and reducing the overcrowding!” Then all the dumb-ass Americans respond with vitriol about how the tiny, remaining 12% of the workforce in the US that is unionized is RUINING EVERYTHING! Americans are fucking retarded and have no relationship with logic.

How about this for fucking loving parents: Why don’t you rich assholes pool your fucking money and pay some fucking taxes and fucking support real jobs with living wages instead of fucking trying to get everyone to slave away for you and your fucking shitty, mega-ecological-footprint kids for starvation fucking wages? What about that idea, assholes?

Why don’t you get in your little PTA cocktail groups and organize to stop throwing all your fucking millions away on ponzi schemes, bloated real estate and parasitic landlords, fugly $1000 purses and bazookas for Israel so that you have a little cash left over to pay people decently who are working for your kids, with a little respect to these other people’s education, work, time, and expertise? This is about respect, living with other humans, priorities, budgeting, and the shape of the society you live in. Holy fucking shit, Americans need an AA for Assholes. Is it just that you egocentric creeps are addicted to seeing all the serfs grovelling around you with their teeth falling out? Maybe you need your own teeth knocked out.

The US is chock full of such fucking dicks and crooks, and before we get to the point where I am forced to listen to them wail on and on about how the union took away their neo-house niggers, I would like to see these American “adults” have to submit to a freakin flotilla of federally-funded Super Nannies, spread out around the country to lay down some boundaries and whack all the pompous, overgrown leeches into a semblance of civility.

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