Population bomb

Here are two world population charts. The first depicts actual world population growth. I blame capitalism, what with chronological convergence and all the incentive to amass cheap labor and no incentive to improve quality of life.

The second chart shows what were to happen to the world human population if the current world reproduction rate of 2.6 children/woman on average dropped to 2 children/woman (ascending trend line) and 1 child/woman (descending trend line). The population Y-axis ranges from 0 to 10 billion persons. Currently we’re at 6.7 billion humans on Earth, and every 4 minutes the world human population increases by 1 million.

The chart above is found on page 273 of Weisman, Alan. 2007. The world without us. New York: St. Martin’s Press.

Put the two charts together. How do we reduce the birthrate and the human load? We need to stop desperately trying to grow profits and instead start building systems bent on distributional and procedural justice: reducing inequality first and foremost, including gender inequality. The historical record is very clear: Women typically have lots of babies when women don’t have the freedom to develop themselves. Moreover, as the red-greens say, it aint the poor people f**king the Earth over.


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