Cooperative Network Movements

Casino capitalism blows for the working class.
Let the rich eat cake.
Let’s make an exit option for the rest of us.

Here are some examples of cooperative network movements:

Network of Bay Area Worker Co-ops

North American Network for the Solidarity Economy

Schoening, Joel. 2009. “Cooperative replication at WAGES.” Grassroots Economic Organizing 3(2).

Japan’s Consumers’ Co-operative Union

Swedish Cooperative Center

US Federation of Worker Cooperatives

U.S. Solidarity Economy Network

Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-economy (WSSE)


Matthai, Julie, Jenna Allard and Carl Davidson. 2008. Solidarity Economy: Building Alternatives for People and Planet: Papers & Reports from the 2007 US Social Forum.

Pencavel, John. 2002. Worker Participation: Lessons from the Co-ops of the Pacific Northwest. Russell Sage.

Williams, Richard C. 2007. The Cooperative Movement. Ashgate.

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