Academia is so full of bizarre little projects. In this spot, I’ll soon present on a new creature I’ve found: The pomo Euroneocon!

It’s your typical imperialist, conservative economics-lovin’ neocon, strategically versed in left concerns and verbiage. But this time, for your entertainment and pleasure, it has reformulated conservative economics arguments in pomo-speak! Exciting finding!

If you want to learn how to say, “The capitalist commodity form is the highest possible achievement in human freedom” in pomo-speak, stay tuned!

Hint: Consider…What if Foucault wasn’t critiquing the capillary power of the major human systems of coercion securing exploitation and discrimination, but instead he was claiming people are oppressed only by voluntarily participating in marginal leftist social organizations? Other conservatives have insisted this before, but we’ll get treated to a conservative melding von Mises with imagery harvested straight out of late-1970s Sorbonne graduate seminars. It’s awesome. Why must I bear this curse of fascination with the tactics of fascist cultural production?

Expect to see a little leg from the following magnificent jargon: moral grammar, the problematization of freedom in ethos, governmentality, recognition, display, express, badge of social belonging, conspicuous compassion, practices as techniques of power, panoptical enforcement, market regulation (boo! hiss!), engulfment in paternalistic systems of domination (i.e. all non-capitalist relations), etc.!

Update: OK, I’m never going to get around to elaborating on this, so let me just give you the punchline: Matthias Zick Varul.

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