No War on Venezuela

I don’t want the fucking US to go to war on Venezuela, just because it’s a social democracy with oil. Fuck.

Or Iran, for no reason other than it’d reduce the threat of competition for Israel. (And OK, maybe we could take their oil. And box in China. But at a crazy, escalating price.)

Here’s what Americans think of going to war against Iran on behalf of Israel.


Whatever. Just go to fucking war on everyfuckinghaplessbody. Then implode because it’s just not fucking fiscally sane. Or sane in any conceivable sense of the word. “Constrained rationality” (AKA irrationality), maybe; sane? Fuck no. Fucking unrestrained fucking headless war machine. I hate Anglo-American elites so fucking much. I just wish they would all choke on their cocktail olives and die off en masse.

 I’ve been reading Sweezy & Magdoff (Sweezy, Paul M. and Harry Magdoff. 2009 (1972). “Economic history as it happened, V. I: The dynamics of US capitalism: Corporate structure, inflation, credit, gold, and the dollar.” New York: Monthly Review Press).

  • The US starts out toward militarization because military expenditures smooth out capital goods business cycle downturns.
  • The US becomes utterly militaristic because semi-stagnant capitalism, such as in the modern US, increases population, productivity, and unemployment, while decreasing productive investment. Militarization serves as the crutch to advanced capitalism’s endemic economic stagnancy.
  • So to maintain capitalism (accumulated power), the US has to wage war. Obviously, anticapitalists made a rational enemy in the past. But without them, the delicate questions are On Whom? and On How Many States and Stateless Peoples Simultaneously?

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