Inequality Makes Elites Brutes

Foregoing wage increases for 30+ years and enduring the evisceration of public middle class institutions, the public is bailing out Wall St. to the tune of $9.1 trillion.

Wall St. is..grateful? chagrinned? castigated?

No. Wall St. is raging mad because they consider themselves victims, and so they’re putting their state-redistributed winnings into the Republican Party.

This is just one example of the larger problem of the capitalist class being assholes at war against us. Read all about it:

Research shows: High inequality makes people on top mean.
More bad news for people who innocently thought that everybody was equally evil.

““(W)ealth seems to buffer people from attending to the needs of others.”

More class warfare:

The AEI surprise surprise argues that the only reason why the US has high unemployment is because non-CEO workers are paid far too much. Thanks, crappy econ 101 textbook! Now we can ignore how unemployment is and always will be the result of capitalism’s natural economic stagnancy!

A working class response to top-down class warfare, “The Rich: Should We Kill and Eat Them?”:

So what we need to do is figure out a system that leans against negative human tendencies, and accentuates positive ones. Killing and eating the rich probably won’t get us anywhere. I just wish Todd Henderson and Ben Stein would stop making themselves look so very, very delicious.”

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