World without A Managerial Class, Amen, Amen

Wizard of Oz fashion, the precious NYTimes is in a tizzy, my friends. This time it’s because, in the face of the ever-so-noble neoliberal war on public education, in many states, teachers are self-managing schools. You know. Like co-ops.

This is out of hand! This is not what We meant by education reform! The servants are getting dreadfully uppity.

Whatever shall we do without financial capital’s illusion that we need a massively-overpaid management class to rip wealth from the toiling classes and deliver it unto their capitalist god-kings?

It’s like the Teach for America Trojan Horses are turning on their own elite owning-class families! Like the 60s all over again! Quick, somebody save Our staggering hiveminds from this living nightmare by earnestly engaging the ridiculous pretense that the market + charity is a boon to the permanent underclass (and don’t forget the cockles-warming Great White Father photo op)!


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