Privatize Libraries, Destroy Communities and Lives

A response to the NYTimes article on the privatization of libraries in the US. The privatization firm is called LSSI.

Let us be clear. LSSI is for-profit. That means that in pushing privatization, these towns’ leaders have chosen to supply one parasitical sociopath (the capitalist Pezzanite) with a steady, fat hoard of local public wealth that once went to the public good, forcing its information-skilled citizen-librarians out to eat catfood under the bridge, and reducing libraries to no more than romance and true-crime paperback lending mills, the beach books doled out for now by a dying generation of volunteers with leisure time, the remnants of an age of lower inequality. Thereby one of the vestige democratic institutions in American society, the public library, is flattened and extinguished.

This is done, as it is done repeatedly throughout our society, to save society from paying workers pensions. This is always justified by claiming that workers don’t do anything. Putting aside the abject, venal inanity of this claim, you might think that there is zero thought going on in our nation’s decentralized public management class about what happens when you take away pensions from most workers. It’s true, the management has no other ideas. Their only ambition was to make it into the management class. And here they are, with all these devolved public services, and no tax base.

If they were to think about what they’re building, they would realize that the only world they can imagine or desire is a giant slum full of cheap labour, with themselves sailing above it all in personal helicopters. Some of our economic priests claim that reducing US workers to the global peasant standard will save America by reducing the trade deficit. But that’s like saying a tsunami will clean windows.

The sheer size of the US, besides giving us in the context of high economic, social and political inequality a vicious, debased national civic culture, means that the weight of 3 decades of outrageous, hegemonic, ideological bankruptcy drags each and every community further and further down one 2-rut road heading into a gorge, with no braking.

In one rut is the majority of Americans, quickly being ground down into a cat food-grubbing peasant class. In the other rut is the ever-solipsistic would-be nobility class, wasting their every bonus, speculation winning, and raise on competing with each other to drive up the cost of positional goods so that, like U Chicago’s infamous Todd Henderson, they can never take enough wealth and blow it.

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