good neoliberal cop bad neoliberal cop: immigration

Neoliberalism: Politics, policies, institutions and culture promoting higher levels of exploitation and social, economic and political inequality under the public rubric of creating a space of socio-economic inclusion for a permanent underclass.

On “Compassionate Conservatism,” applied to immigration politics:

It is stupid to deny the concept of the alien. A central, enduring social problem is the global Chamber of Commerce’s politics, which work in all countries to keep both immigrants and natives *vulnerable,* and set against each other, to cheapen labor. Any liberatory political program, including compassionately fighting immigrant scapegoating and xenophobia, would have to include first recognizing the nature of the Chamber and then strategically breaking down the Chamber, which always, everywhere works to destroy worker solidarity by here playing their “immigrants as criminals” card and there playing their “immigrants as victims” card.

We won’t stopped getting played by indiscriminately, upon stark emotional manipulation, embracing “the foreign” every time it romantically accompanies capital mobility and global upperclass entitlement–because the Chamber will always turn back around to tell us to pitilessly scapegoat the “foreign” *workers;* and we’ll never figure out how to develop better ideas and approaches. To stop getting played over and over like this, we need a far more focused lens.

We are brothers and sisters of men and women the world over. But corporations and political management organizations are not our flesh and blood. They are not human. Their interests, goals, and activities are often opposed to ours. Most of them today are alien to us, utterly alien.


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