Capitalism Eats Africa Today

Articles on land grabs, food speculation, and biofuel colonialism in Africa:

1) Weinststein, L. 2008. “The new scramble for Africa.” International Socialist Review 60.

2) Vidal, John. 2010. “How food and water are driving a 21st century African land grab.” The Guardian, March 7.

3) Multiple articles in the Third World Network’s Resurgence: “A New Food Crisis”(2010)

4) Hari, Johann. 2010. “How Goldman Gambled on Starvation.” The Independent.

5) From Hari’s blog, this may be a longer version of the #4 Hari article (originally published in The Independent) above:

See also the work of economist John Loxley and
Ferguson, James. 2006. Global Shadows: Africa in the Neoliberal World Order. Duke University Press.

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