Popular Uproar in the UK, Summer 2011

Although all moralistic handwringing and conservative policy marketeering in response to the uprisings in the UK are class warfare, an article on the recent British popular uproar that is somewhat worth reading: Peter Osborn’s “The moral decay of our society is as bad at the top.” It contains a nice turn of phrase: 

Our politicians – standing sanctimoniously on their hind legs in the Commons yesterday…”

Support for Osborn’s thesis? Dacher Keltner’s studies of the sociopathy of the rich. Listen here for a great Henwood interview with Keltner on his research findings.

…And before you up there on your high horse get too frothy in the mouth about the horrors of looting in Britain, remember that 10 years later we found out that it was not the much-maligned African American citizenry, but rather the fascist police that went on the rampage in New Orleans. Naomi Wolff is compiling the data for the case that by and large the “rioters” in Britain may in fact similarly be police saboteurs.

The aesthetic beauty and gratification that conservative ideology supplies to its supplicants lies in conservatism’s capacity for self-fulfilling prophecy–to make the world over into the horror that it already presumes needs to be punished.

Maybe the uproar is conscious dissent. After all, disrupting Londoners left the bookstores unmolested.

Cartoon commentary.

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