Occupy Your World

Occupy movement

A Day at Occupy Wall Street. (video)

Occupy the World. (photos)

Chris Hedges and Amy Goodman on OWS (Charlie Rose Show).

The Human Amplifier technique, used in a Zizek speech to Occupy Wall Street protesters. A link to a transcript of Zizek’s speech is on that webpage.

Noam Chomsky’s Occupy Boston speech.

John Foster’s “Why We Occupy, What We Know” OWS speech.

Here’s a map of where NYC’s richest 1% (financiers) live.

An historical overview of “corporate fascism” (yes, redundant)–essentially, corporate violence.

Less process-oriented, more creative protest:

Onward, liberal conservatives!

Most Americans think that Wall Street has too much power, economic inequality is too extreme, the rich should pay a higher proportion of taxes, and Wall Street executives should be held accountable, according to a recent Time magazine poll. As of mid-October, 2011, over half of Americans polled viewed OWS favorably (by contrast half that percentage of Americans approve of the Tea Party), though over half of Americans are doubtful that the social movement can disrupt capitalists’ control over the political class. 

Cohering a Left Bloc: Coalitions and Setting Movement Trajectories

Bruce Dixon (October 12, 2011) “From Occupying Financial Districts to Occupying the Goods in Our Hoods,” Black Agenda Report (BAR):

“The student loan bubble, along with the shrinking job market has made newly poor white hipster kids mad enough to stage 24/7 street corners protests in scores of US cities, where they have connected with longtime leftist and community activist types, often older and not always white. These are helping keep them focused on the connections between the warfare and prison states and the unavailability of funding for anything else.” 

Dr. Cornell West’s view of OWS is more favorable.

Occupy Boston’s Memorandum of Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples.

Uber-Men of the People protect America from plutocracy

The social citizenship builders say, “Occupy!”

Capital sics its current police on its retired police

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