Capital Makes Capitalists Stupid

Elaine Scarry on stupidity (p. 294 in The Body in Pain: The Making and Unmaking of the World):

Witness: Stupid capitalists (video)

Matt Tabbai accurately describes the class-divided treatment of debt, risk, failure, and criminality, and how the apparently-adolescent capitalist class’ big stupid hypothesis about Occupy outrage at this corrosive disparity is that the 99% is “jusst jealousss.”

Maybe it’s just for the rhetorical power, but it’s surprising that Tabbai fails to acknowledge that this grotesque corruption is precisely what capitalism is all about. It’s time we join together with capitalists on this one dimension: recognizing capitalism for the stupid, ignoble system of alienation and rapacious exploitation that it is. Here’s where we part: We can do better.

Chris Hedges on stupid priorities:
It is a capitalist nation. 

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