The Political Opportunity Structure for Immigrant Advocacy

In a rather astute little essay, “Occupying the Immigration Debate,” David L. Wilson explains that this is an historic moment for immigrant advocates, one that needs to be taken advantage of, and it’s time to make efforts to counter and replace the oppressive, manipulative corporate narrative on immigration.

We need to raise the profile of two points:

1) Elites use divide-and-conquer strategies, including promoting immigrant-native division, primarily to further their accumulation (wealth and power hoarding) interest. We aren’t cornered into being elites’ tools anymore on this; we can build the critical mass to innovate and improve working families’ life chances.

2)  Neoliberal ideology and policy disrupts and destroys people’s homes and livelihoods, and drives population mobility. Capitalism is “creative” destruction. In that siege and upheaval context, working people and their families need solidarity, cooperation and restoration.

We can broaden our influence and change immigration politics. Do not “imagine obstacles that aren’t really there,” urges Allan Nairn. ” Do not “think [ourselves] out of power.”

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