Israel Persecutes Palestinians Practicing Nonviolent Civil Disobedience

Mackey, Robert. 2010. “Palestinians sentenced for civil disobedience.” The New York Times, October 23.

This article shows that if you’re dealing with a conservative, imperialist regime, nonviolence is not strategically superior to disruptive violence in social movement.

Wolff on Academia & the Neocon Descent of the American Left

In a September 30, 2010 Doug Henwood radio interview, Robert Paul Wolff comments on Harvard honoring the Zionist neocon Martin Peretz. Wolff describes the American Left as having descended into neocon politics (“Zionism is the third rail of American Left politics.”), and he comments on how elite academics have been reduced to politically-subservient technocrati.

Social Compact Failure

As Rousseau theorized in 1762, the social contract would automatically facilitate “legitimate and reliable rule”…unless humans somehow developed social tendencies, like organizing (and being organized) into groups. Then the whole social compact thing, and the general will just wouldn’t work.

In a twist of fate, it turned out after all that humans were social. Who knew?
So in order to redesign, fight for, and build a form of governance that wouldn’t devolve into tyranny–as both rule by force and the social compact (in the context of human sociability) do, you would have to take into account the human social tendency. I think we can do that, and I don’t believe history has ended. Even proportional representation is an adaptive institutional start.
But first, let us look at some recent examples of how the general will fails to translate into policy, given the absence of institutionalized processes that can offset the reasonable and natural human tendency to combine:
Three policies supported by the public (general will), but feared by politicians, regarding 1) energy & pollution, 2) tax cuts, and 3) money-in-politics.

The pro-Obama right

Neocon David Horowitz on the usefulness of Obama to US elites & Zionists:

“Consider: When President Obama commits this nation to war against the Islamic terrorists, as he already has in Afghanistan, he will take millions of previously alienated and disaffected Americans with him, and they will support our troops in a way that most of his party has refused to support them until now…Conservative values — individual responsibility, equal opportunity, racial and ethnic pluralism, and family — are now symbolically embedded in the American White House.” (Horowitz, David. 2009. “How Conservatives should celebrate the inauguration.”, January 20.)

Thanks to Black Agenda Report’s Bruce Dixon for pointing toward this Horowitz piece in a September 5, 2009 interview with Doug Henwood.

McCarthyism 2.0: Zionists, Neocons, and Administrators Team Up to Persecute Scholars

“You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”
— Joseph Welch to Senator Joseph McCarthy, April 1954.

2 Zionist students at Santa Barbara notified the Zionist ADL and their Zionist administrators at UC Santa Barbara that one of their professors had broken the silence imposed by Zionists on non-conservative academics.

With the support of the ADL, the UC Santa Barbara administration moved to indict and fire well-respected political sociologist William Robinson for showing students documents indicating that some Jewish people see the Jewish attacks on Gaza as wrong.

According to the 2 students, the ADL and UC Santa Barbara, exposing students to such non-Zionist points of view constitutes an assault on Jewish people.

Read about this instance of the broader Zionist campaign against academic freedom and free speech in the US at the Committee to Defend Academic Freedom at UCSB site.

The academic freedom defense committee has on their website a petition to sign, and a letter template if you will write the Chancellor of UC Santa Barbara Henry Yang:

From Dana Cloud’s “The McCarthyism that Horowitz Built”: “John Wilson, founder of the Institute for College Freedom, explained, ‘The Right lost so badly (in the last US election) that its representatives are looking for easy targets. They see the campus as a place where they can retrench.'”

Raging from the confluent interests of belligerent conservative social movement actors and the decadent layer cake of American academic administrators, the well-funded, sweeping campaign of intimidating, threatening, and punishing wage-dependent scholars and experts has been effective. It has fostered a degrading culture of fear, distrust, dread, silence, frustration, and alienation in education. It has kept administrators in McMansions and SUVs. It has kept America on the war leash.

This market-totalitarianism is the same intolerant and intolerable anti-Enlightenment corruption that has laid waste to US society through neocon political warfare over these past decades. Professors have got to form unions, cut down overpaid administration positions, make administrators work for education and not vice versa, valorize scholarship and citizenship in our society, and chop off the corrosive, controlling tentacles of bellicose political interests.


My “liberal” Jewish friends inform me that it is not politically acceptable to use the word “Zionist” to refer to organized political campaigns to stifle critique of right-wing Israeli military and political aggression and to harass and disenfranchise anyone circulating critiques of such a conservative bloc and its policies, even if those critiques are from the non-right wing portion of Israel. Hmmm. Perhaps we should just use the term “Masada Complexoids” or “Likud Lobby”. These Jewish Democrats recommend having no language to communicate this empirical phenomenon. Hmmm. Perhaps they’re trying to indicate that there’s no distinction to be made between neocon and liberal American Jews?