It was William Julius Wilson who argued that affirmative action in the US was designed and applied  to benefit (black) elites rather than the people who had been super-exploited in US history, see “Still separate and unequal” by George M. Frederickson.

Adolph Reed was critical of Wilson, but consanguinely argues that affirmative action is primarily used by black elites (eg. mayors) to support capitalist elites.


  • Frederickson implies that Wilson’s critique applies more widely: Global elites benefit from affirmative action, rather than impoverished American minorities with historical roots in the US. Does Wilson say this, or does he just focus on middle class v. working class American blacks?
  • Does this critique apply to multiculturalism / diversity management as well? Angela Davis and Zizek have critiqued global capitalist multiculturalism.
  • What have BAR, Manning Marable had to say about this, if anything? 

“The term ‘pluralism’ is acquiring increasing currency in our own time. It is presumably the ideology describing the centrifugal tendencies of a society that threatens to disintegrate into unreconiled groups under the pressure of its own principles. This is then represented as if it were a state of reconiliation in which people lived together in a harmony while in reality society is full of power struggles. As a minor by-product of these lectures I would like to recommend that you adopt an extremely wary attitude towards the concept of pluralism which, like the similar concept of ‘social partners,’ is preached at us on every street corner. To transfigure and ideologize the elements of discontinuity or of social antagonisms in this way is a part of the general ideological trend. In the same way, it is very characteristic of our age that the very factors that threaten to blow up the entire world are represented as the peaceful coexistence of human beings who have become reconciled and have outgrown their conflicts. This is a tendency which barely conceals the fact that mankind is beginning to despair of finding a solution to its disagreements.” (Adorno. History & Freedom: 93)

BAR has published Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow (imprisonment) in serial form. Other commentators on this topic: Bruce Western, Angela Davis.

Law’n’Order Corrupts Absolutely

Authoritarian Law’n’Order is by its very nature corrupt and corrupting. Here, law enforcement officers relate how they fabricated drug charges against innocent people, in order to meet Law’n’Order quotas.

…Once again proving that you are a bona fide idiot, if you think militarized policing and prison slavery build-up is a concession to the working class and an imposition of firm, fatherly (or feminist. whatever.) order. The working class will pay for each and every police and prison job through the nose and then through every other orifice they’ve got.

The US Model of Social Exclusion

Here is a link to Schmmitt & Zipperer’s “Is the US A Good Model for Reducing Social Exclusion in Europe?” (2006) CEPR.

Not so much, contend the authors, analyzing social exclusion through the variables of income inequality, poverty, education, health, crime and punishment, the labor market and finally, the coup de gras, social mobility.

Garrison America

Bowles’ and Jayadev’s “Garrison America.”

Ever wonder why Americans can’t say no? 

Here’s your answer: 1 in 4 Americans participating in the “United States economy is now engaged in guard labor–providing security for people and property, and imposing work discipline.” And that doesn’t even count hegemonic policing.

On the Ultra Rich’s Surveillance State.

Remember right after Katrina, when we were told over and over, by people brimming with righteousness, how black people were running amok in New Orleans like fast zombies? (Like how white parents who murder their children claim a black man did it.) Meanwhile, our right-wing militarized police heroes are actually running around gunning people down, raping and pillaging. Then the political-economic elites turned New Orleans into a neoliberal fortress. It never fucking gets old for us, does it.

GOOD news!

Uighurs are ordered released into the US. At last, a human in the US judiciary! Let us praise District Judge Ricardo Urbina, a light in the New Dark Ages.

Update: The very next day the patently evil Bush regime convinced one of the Republicans’ right wing retainers in a Federal Appeals Court to stop the release of the innocent Uighars. In prison for life (or at least until the end of Republican rule) for nothing.

I would like to know the name of this Appeals Court asshole. The media has not been publishing it.

a society based on laws?

US legal precedence for indefinite detention, military tribunals, and torture is based on rulings from the 1940s:

Korematsu: The Court ruled that Americans of Japanese ethnicity can be imprisoned in interment camps.

Korematsu was based on:

Quinin: Which created the power of the executive to establish military tribunals.

The legal precedence for Quinin?
There was no legal precedence in US law.
So the Court based Quinin on the Divine Right of Henry III, King of England.

Thus, the legality of military tribunals in the U.S. is based on the Divine Right of Kings.
In other words, military tribunals are based on: lawless tyranny.

Beautiful. What do you get when you mix tyranny with inequality with massive wealth and power?
Get. Me. Out. of. Here.

the crappy crappiness of the world

OK, I’ve tried to responsibly modify the article below as it originally contained US Spite Department propaganda and zero analysis based on the voluminous data on Republican, neocon, oil & defense robber barons, and Bush regime behavior patterns. I think I was successful.

Get a load of neocon lawyer asshole Bellinger’s total mouthful of unfiltered bile at the bottom of Cornwell’s article. I’m convinced the neocons just sit around in a war/frat room, getting drunk, sportingly brainstorming improbably, classically official phrases that are utterly unrelated to their pustulent, pestilent efforts to shittify the world, for the simple purpose of trying to drop as many incredulous jaws as possible. No one’s come up with a better idea than fuckin Lawyer to the Cunts Alberto Gonzalez? Holy shit. My cat comes up with a million better ideas every day, and she died in October. How about this: What we do with the really dangerous terrorist suspects, as opposed to the hundreds of imprisoned victims of US feudo-capitalist state tyranny, is we put them in a cage with the neocons and a pile of tire irons. That is the BEST idea ever. I mean, even if they did fight–which I have my doubts about since Middle Eastern “terrorists” (the currently fashionable phrase; formerly “freedom fighters”) were all trained by their buddies in the CIA and their bosses are oil family friends of the Bushes, but let’s say by now they’re bitter–if they did fight, we know Dick Cheney would be the last “man” standing, because he is the earthly manifestation of the Lord of Flies, and that’s a big advantage; but still you would cull out a lot of vicious assholes.


“Gitmo’s days are numbered:U.S. moves closer to shuttering controversial prison for terror suspects”
By Rupert Cornwell
The Independent, London
(Jun 23, 2007)

The Bush regime is moving closer to shutting down its bitterly-criticized not-so-secret prison at Guantanamo Bay, but the process is being held up by neocon disdain for human life, and logistics about how to continue to muzzle many of the 370 inmates who remain at the prison, at a U.S. base imposed upon Cuba.

Although the Bush regime likes to act like they are completely unaccountable, the pressures to remove what has become a global embarrassment for the U.S. are now well-nigh irresistible.

“President” Bush the Younger and both Robert Gates and Condoleezza Rice, the Secretaries of Aggression and Spite, have reluctantly indicated that they may close Gitmo, a highly visible icon of neocon corruption and evil, and transfer the imprisoned to be tortured elsewhere, somewhere less visible, possibly within the U.S., since law doesn’t apply here either.

Only last Sunday General Colin Powell, Secretary of State when the first detainees arrived at Guantanamo Bay in January 2002, said he thought the facility should be closed and the prisoners moved to jails on the U.S. mainland.

On Capitol Hill, political discourses are circulating upon the topic of the prison’s closure, not only by Democrats but also by several leading Republicans.

Guantanamo was not merely a problem but “an international disgrace that every day continues to sully this great nation’s reputation,” Steny Hoyer, majority leader and the second ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives, said this week. As the outrage has grown (? Who are these people who take years to notice this kind of horror?), U.S. officials increasingly find that when they try to negotiate for U.S. capital around the world, their moralistic arguments are undercut by people with a pulse who point to how prisoners have been held by the U.S. at the prison for up to five years or more without charge, effectively incommunicado and without the right of habeas corpus.

No fucking shit.

Only last year did legal action finally force the Pentagon to release a list of names and nationality of those detained. But four more suicides in the last 12 months alone, and years of reports of inhumane treatment, religious abuse and harsh interrogation techniques, have sealed Guantanamo’s reputation as a place of despair, where the normal requirements of the law and international conventions do not apply. Kind of like the entire neoliberal/neocon world, but even worse.

U.S. officials say the obstacles to simply shutting it down are practical: persuading other countries to take those inmates — 75 or so — who have been cleared for release, and imprisoning them in secret prisons in those countries. Finding enough space in secure military jails within the U.S., since the millions of U.S. prisons that have been erected due to neoliberal policy are really focused on extracting slave labor out of young black men. One possibility is the U.S. army jail at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Another is the U.S. Navy brig at Charleston, South Carolina, where Jose Padilla, U.S. citizen was held without trial or proper representation for three and a half years, before those charges were effectively dropped. But even at the brig, room exists only for some 200 prisoners at most, it is claimed. “These steps have not been completed and no decisions are imminent,” a National Security Council spokesman said, buying time and, inexplicably, laying down the argument for even more tax money for the bottomless pit that is the military and secret police and Halliburton.

Vice-President Dick Cheney, backed this time by the Justice Debasement and the Debasement of Homereich Security, are fighting to keep Gitmo a hideous reality.

Attorney General and Cunt Lawyer to the Cunt Stars Alberto Gonzales, the man who as President Bush’s first White House counsel, was largely responsible for devising the “enemy combatant” status conferred on the prisoners, among other crass psuedo-legal constructs only viable in a despotic feudal aristocracy, argues that to bring the detainees to the mainland would merely lead to a new flood of habeas corpus cases. Oh, shit. Law again. How bothersome for the princes. For their part, Homereich Security officials attempt to make like they are doing a socially-necessary job.

In testimony on Capitol Hill this week, John Bellinger, the State Department’s top lawyer-cunt complained that although critics in the U.S. and abroad were urging the prison’s immediate shut down, they had offered “no credible alternatives for dealing with the dangerous individuals detained there.”